How Not To Start An Online Business…

At first glance, creating and running an online business can seem a daunting task. You have so much to do and so much to learn, it is no wonder that so many start-up businesses come to a screeching halt in the early stages of development. Or as reported by groups who monitor such statistics, “98% of small businesses fail in the first year.”

But, did the business actually “fail” or did the business owner simply give up? What could cause someone to just give up on their dream of becoming an Internet entrepreneur and go, disillusioned, back to a J.O.B? Now that’s scary, so let’s have a look.

Initially, the prospective entrepreneur learns that it is possible to generate a substantial income on the Internet. “Say what? You mean I can use my computer to make money, instead of just shopping and downloading music? Take me to your leader!”

How?”, is the first question that comes to mind. So, let’s go check our Spam box to see if we can find a couple of good examples. Ahh yes, it says here, “You, too, can make “X” thousands of dollars per month, even while you sleep!” And then there is this one, “Get your own free website, loaded with hundreds of products you can sell and make thousands weekly!”

Now while these statements are not exactly ‘untrue’, you definitely should proceed with caution. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? It is true that your online business will make money for you while you sleep, eat, sit by the pool, visit relatives and friends, go see a movie, work out, walk the dog, or attend your children’s events.

Of course it does! That’s the beauty of an Internet business. Your little salesman goes out 24/7 selling products or services and brings home the bacon. But, that will not happen overnight. First, you need a system that is proven to work for you. And it won’t be reading emails or a data entry position.

I our next example, it is again true that there are some sites that offer you a turnkey website, all setup for your prospective customers to come and view products in various categories and purchase from you. Some even offer the ability to display and sell these products from auction sites like eBay and Yahoo! Generally, you pay a monthly fee that covers site setup, hosting and sometimes product updates and additions. Sometimes they offer domain name registration for an additional fee.

What the fee does not cover are things like tracking visitors, testing, email follow-up with prospects and customers, customer support, search engine optimization and submission, and back-links to your site, just to mention a few. And, of course, the most important aspect of making your business successful, marketing. All of these things will still be your responsibility.

And, did I mention, the hundreds or perhaps thousands of other people who also have purchased those identical sites, hoping to sell the identical products. Now, who do you think is really going to make money here, you or the person charging you the hefty monthly fee?

So, how do you create your own online business, making money for you and your family and become independent…No J.O.B.? First, remember one thing, “Success Leaves Clues!” Examine what successful people are doing and emulate them.

Follow a definite plan through a proven system. Find someone you can count on to lead you down the path to success. In other words, someone you know, like and trust. Then take the necessary action steps to reach your goals.

Yes, there is a good deal of work involved. But, look at it this way. If you currently have a J.O.B.(Just Over Broke), you are working some 30, 40, 50 or more hours for someone else, making money for them, at what is usually, a less than desirable rate of pay.

With your own online business, you will initially, work the same number of hours. And it takes time to get things working for you to begin earning a substantial income. But, it is your time, working for you, earning income for you, 24/7, from customers all over the world. There’s just nothing else like it.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going on this! You can do it.

And please, remember to use all of your fingers when you wave good-bye to your boss!

Thank you for your time. I hope you have found this useful.

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