Who is It? Really!

Who Is It? Really…


Howdy, howdy friends and neighbors! This is your old pal Elmont P. S… No, wait! That’s someone else.


Often, that is how it is, isn’t it? You find someone’s website, you look around. The have some cool stuff here. And, this guy says I can make “BIG MONEY” on the Internet, even while I’m asleep!


But, who is it? How do you know that the picture on the website, if there is one, is really the person behind the website. It’s easy to fake graphics. Ever been to MySpace?


How do you know that the name at the top, or bottom, of the sales page, if there is one, is real. It’s a simple matter to put a name in there.


How Do You Know? How Can You Tell?


You can sign up for their newsletter, if there is one. Check out a few emails and try to get a feel for whether they know what they are talking about or not. Is it the same information you got in the last few emails you read? Not a good sign!


If the information you get is so worn out it reminds you of a two year old pair of work jeans. Not a good sign! It’s then that you scroll down to the un-subscribe link, if there is one. And if there isn’t one, you should have ended this communication by the second email.


The Best Way To Know…


The best way to ease your mind as to the quality of the individual or program in question is by personal recommendation.


Word of mouth. When someone you know, like and trust recommends to you someone they know, like and trust.


Ok! Ok! I know I should have mentioned this sooner. I apologize for the delay. We’ve had some family medical problems lately that have kept me away. I promise to do better.


So, Who Is It?


The fellow I’m speaking to you about today is someone I know, like and certainly trust. He is my coach and mentor, Mark Hendricks. If you are serious about building a profitable, steady income earning, change your life and lifestyle kind of business, Mark is the go-to-guy.

I can’t say enough about how he has helped myself and many, many others onto the road to success.


How He Does It…


One of the ways is through a program called the Internet Success System. This program is twelve lessons packed with the information and training you need to succeed. No fillers allowed.

It doesn’t matter what level of Internet experience you have, you will learn and by following Mark’s instruction, you will succeed.


Here’s A Sample…


  • Lesson One – Programming Yourself For Success – You must have your mindset right from the beginning to assure your success.


  • Lesson Two – What Are Your Market’s Problem, Fears, Doubts, Hopes And Desires – When you learn to see through your market’s eyes, you then learn what you need to do to help them.


  • Lesson Six – Setting Up Your Website Infrastructure – You choose a domain, you build a website, you get a few visitors. Then what happens?


  • Lesson Ten – Finding And Setting Up Joint Ventures – You simply cannot know and do everything yourself. But, your friends can help!


Now, The Good Part…


For a limited time, you can get the Home Study Course which includes;


  • All Twelve Lessons in the Home Study Course Manual


  • Twelve recorded training sessions with all the handouts and reference materials


  • Over 20 Hours of audio instruction and over 450 pages of written material


Specially priced at $47. That’s a $200 savings right off the bat. But, Mark hasn’t said how long this great value will be available at this price. And, trust me, the are programs out there that cost many times more, but still do not compare in value for you.


This special pricing could end at any time, so go now to the Internet Success System and get signed up. I can’t wait to see you there!


Well, sure, I’m a member.

Be well,



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