Keeping Your Eyes Open To Opportunity!

Hello Everyone,

First of all, Happy Easter!

I find it useful to say to myself, when starting out on my day, “Let’s go see what the opportunity of the day will be.”

If you keep your eyes open and strike up a conversation with people you meet, you will often find some sort of opportunity to be of help. Whether it is beneficial to you personally or not.

For instance, yesterday I was at an auto parts store and another customer seemed to be having trouble finding what he was looking for. I frequent this location and am somewhat familiar with layout. I showed him his destination and in conversation found that he creates graphics for a local sign company.

He is good with graphics design and has a couple of friends that are capable in tech matters. However, although they would like to start their own business, they were unaware of advertising on Yahoo! Locals, GeoCities and similar sites. We exchanged ideas and business cards.

Today, while at the bank, they had a tv set up showing a ‘How-To’ video on roofing a house. I noticed the lady in line behind me watching the video and I said, “There you go, now you know how to roof your house.” Said responded saying that she noticed a few shingle pieces in her yard, possibly having been blown from here house during some recent high winds and she needed someone to get up there and check things out. I recommended a friend of mine who does home repairs and gave her his phone number.

Now, these examples don’t come easy to a lot of people. I have never known a stranger and I talk to everybody. But, by interacting with the world around you, sometimes things just come up and present an opportunity for you.

Everyone has needs, in one form or another, and it really gives you a good feeling to think that you may have helped someone satisfy theirs.

We are all on this Earth together and if we do not help each other, then who is going to do it?

What do you think?

Be well,


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