Information Products Profits

Profiting From Info Products


One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a living online is to go into the info

products business. You will hear those gurus who say time and time again

that the market is saturated. And, that the internet just can’t handle another info

product entrepreneur (info preneuer). This just is NOT the case.

Why Do I Say That?

Everyone wants information! That is why people come to the internet. They want all

of the ‘How To’, ‘What To’, ‘Why To’ information they can get their hands on.

These same people are more than willing to pay money for that information. After

all, they routinely purchase magazines, newspapers, and print books, right? What’s more,

they’re even more willing to part with a few dollars if it will save them

time or solve a problem for them. The secret is to make sure that the

information that you provide either saves them time or benefits them

in some other way. Remember, people buy based on emotion and later justify the

purchase with logic.

How Do You Provide This Information?

The easiest and most economical way to do this, for both you and your customer,

is through ebooks. An ebook is nothing more than a book in a digital format. An ebook

provides some advantages over hard copy books. They provide instant gratification for

your customers. They are compact and easily stored.


Another important advantage of having an ebook as opposed to a hard copy book is that the

ebook can save the reader even more time than the hard book. This is because

the ebook can incorporate audio, video, and hyperlinks to additional, pertinent



Most of the internet “gurus” have made their money by selling information online,

in one format or another. Now it’s your turn to take a share of the internet profit

pie. You can do this by creating your own information product (ebook).

Re-Purpose Your Ebooks

Here’s an idea for you. When selling you ebooks through affiliates, make a copy of

your ebook re-brandable allowing your affiliates to rebrand the hyperlinks in your ebook

with their affiliate links. Keeping the link back to your website in your signature box and

introduction. This creates an additional income resource for affiliates and creates a highly

viral product for you. Is that powerful?

Remember that you always want to create a win win situation in all of your transactions

with everyone with whom you do business.

Keep up the good work!



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