What Year Is It Anyway?

Welcome Everyone,

Well, New Year’s has come and gone. I hope you had a great one.


I hope that either just before it, or just after it, you were planning to make this your best year yet with your on-line business.


A good way to begin setting up a game plan for this year is to have a good look at last year. To do this, we will need to answer a few questions;


  • Did you do your due-diligence? The research into your target market through forums, keyword search, groups, chat rooms, competitive analysis, etc.


  • Did you create any new products for your market? A informative report, an ebook, a piece of software, or a new website.


  • Did you track everything? Your ads, your articles, your affiliates, your affiliate promotions, your sign-ups, your conversions, your sales, even your loyal un-subscribers.


  • Did your business meet your expectations for last year? Was your bottom line all you hoped it would be? Did baby get a new pair of shoes?


And that brings us to the most important question;


  • Did you meet the expectations of your business? Did you continue your education, follow up with customers, get yourself a good mentor, Go To Conferences. I cannot emphasize this enough. Just one piece of information learned, one idea that you have while there can dramatically change your business.


But, the people you meet, the relationships you build from these events far outweigh the cost of attendance. Go, share, learn. It’s always a good thing.


Oh boy, here we go with the motivational thingy. No. It’s not like that. Well, ok yes, it is like that.


All of the knowledge and information you have collecting cyberdust on your hard drive is worth nothing if you do not take action on it. But, on the other hand, taking action on just one thing can make an incredible difference in your bottom line. This is why I stress to you, Take Action.


By now, you are probably wondering, where is the sales pitch? If so, you missed it. Today, I’m selling you on you. You are the one your customers come to to solve their problems. You are the one who has the problem, if you do not.


So, here are a few things to watch and be a part of this year. The big thing these days is membership sites. With all that are out there now, yours must be unique. And, as always, over deliver.


Also, communities, the social scene, if you will. But not only on-line. The big dog search engines, and a few of the puppies, are gearing up for mobile communications communities.

It would be a good time to have a look at those .mobi domains.


Two markets that are definitely going to jump are Canada and Asia. Some excellent markets and business ventures are happening right now and will only continue to expand this year.

More on those later.

I hope you have found this useful.

Best in Life,


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